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Yeti in Himalaya

Yeti in Nepal we have book about yeti if you are interested please come and buy it it is published by adventure pilgrims trekking and adventure unlimited press.


IT is hard to deny the reality of the mysterious creatures known in various world culture as yeti, big foot, mogoi, yowie and sasquatch, When encounter with them are so widely and consistently reported. In this book, author and adventurer David H. Childress takes the reader on the fanatic Journey across the Himalayas to Europe and north americain in his quest for these and other hairy giants. He start with a discussion or giants among men, which have been recorded from biblical Times. Through the present. Than its found the various abominable snowman reported across asia, particularly In Nepal, Sikim and Bhutan. Than, a little closer to home, he recounts numerous stories of Yetis and skunk aps encountered across the USA.

With fascinating historical documentation and marvelous accounts of Modern day sightings, Childress present evidence of the existence of bizarre beasts that should give pause to even most hardnosed skiptis. The field is admittedly full of hoaxes, but with this material as backdrop, you can be the Judge. YETIS SIGHTINGS OF THE 1970S.

Yetis hit newspaper around the world in july of 1974 when the Nepalese and Indian newspaper carried storis about yeti that had attacked and killed some yaks between the in the khumjung area of Nepal ( near Mt. Everest and The Arun valley) 

The story was eventually carried in the International Herald tribune on July 23, 1974. The entire report read as follow:" A 19 year old Sherpa women says she encounter the Abominable snowman while she was tending a herd of Yaks in the Himalayan distric of Khumbu. RSS, The Nepalese news agency, Said that the woman, whose name was not given, was Knocked unconscious by the creature said to be one and half meter tall and hairy. It then killed 3 yaks."

The Sherpani's Name was Actually known: She was Lhakpa Dolma, aged 19, of khumjung village near Everest, who was tending Yaks alone in a remote pasture named Machhermo, Near Gokyo lake, when she heart sound of coughing, looking around suddenly saw a huge monkey –Like creature.

According to her the Yeti was about 5 fit tall and Incredibly strong, with dark complexion, deep- set eyes, a wrinkled forehead and thick, stout fingers and long nails. While the upper part of the body was covered with brown hair, the lower half had a darker tinge. The yeti walk on 2 feet and on all force, through it was slower when walking on all fours. 

She watched in horror as the yeti attacked the yaks, Punching them and twisting their horns to break their necks. The yeti killed and eat the brain of three yaks, taking away a portion of one of the Yak.
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